ECOM Emissions Analyzers

ECOM America is the industry leader in portable emission analyzers offering a wide range of instruments such as the J2KN, the D series, and the CN series analyzers. Commonly used, but not limited to, flue gas monitoring of liquid gas fired combustion systems, such as reciprocating diesel and natural gas engines, power generation turbines, gas compression, steam process boilers, and mobile diesel equipment. ECOM emission analyzers are utilized as a service & maintenance tool to aid in diagnosing and optimizing combustion system inefficiencies.


  • Wireless Handheld Remote Display 
  • Up to 9 Gas Sensors (6 Electrochemical and 3 NDIR)
  • Sensor Options: O2, CO, CO High, NO, NO2, SO2, Combustibles, CO2, & Methane 
  • ECOM Software for mobile wifi/bluetooth data display and reporting
  • Interface Bluetooth Link On-Board Printer or IR Printer (optional for CN and D series)

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