FortisBC Natural Gas Steam Boiler Rebates

Take advantage of immediate rebates when you purchase new steam boiler installations or retrofits/upgrades

Spartan Controls Ltd. is proud to be an approved point of sale partner for the FortisBC Natural Gas Steam Boiler Rebate program. As a partner, Spartan Controls can provide immediate rebates at the time of sale, reducing the overall cost of your new steam boiler installations or retrofits/ upgrades. 

For new steam boiler installations or retrofits/upgrades, this rebate program provides you opportunities to improve thermal efficiency by taking advantage of the following rebates:

This rebate program is provided for eligible FortisBC natural gas customers in British Columbia – please see the FortisBC steam boiler rebate program website for rebate and eligibility details. Spartan Controls is happy to assist you with the thermal efficiency improvement estimates (often between 2-10% gas reduction improvements) and the associated project return on investment (ROI) to help develop a business case for your energy efficiency improvement projects.

We look forward to helping take your project from concept to reality by providing engineering design, hardware supply, implementation services, and commissioning services.

For further information, please contact Spartan Controls at +1 (604) 355-2050.

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