Project Excellence

All projects can be challenging.  Availability of skilled resources, schedule and budgetary milestones, managing project risk, and completing a safe and operational effective project are not industry or geographically specific challenges.  Western Canadian Projects are not exempt from these challenges and bring their own set of uniqueness with our diverse climate, industrial processes, Canadian regulatory compliance, codes, and standards.  Whether you are executing your projects in Canada or executing in other areas of the world and are destined for Canada, these challenges need to be addressed.  Export Projects, designed in Canada and destined for other world areas, add similar layers of complexity as the destination’s local compliance needs to be understood and implemented.

Spartan Controls is passionate to be the automation and instrumentation supplier to your project.  With resources in Western Canada, we are able to engage early, drive value and execute projects in collaboration with your teams.  The offices that Spartans Controls has across Western Canada geographically positions us to engage locally and understand the key applications of all industrial process facilities.  Spartan Controls team approach is key to our Project Execution Excellence model.  Previous project experience, operational facility knowledge, continuous improvement and low employee turnover are all key contributors to the value we bring.  Customer Feedback and Value capture processes aid with Spartan’s ability to integrate into your Project Execution Plan and drive for execution excellence.  From the smallest projects to some of the world’s largest Mega-Projects the collaboration of Spartan Controls and Emerson Process Management and an adaptable Project Management Office (PMO) process provides the execution guidance to minimize risk and maintain focus on the execution budget and schedule.