Fisher Regulators


  • High-temperature steam & cryogenic regulators
  • Tank blanketing & vapour recovery / Vacuum regulators
  • Differential control & back pressure regulators
  • Instrument supply & filter regulators
  • High-pressure transmission & fixed factor (PFM) regulators
  • Environmentally friendly "no bleed" solutions & slam shut devices
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Fisher Controls Regulator Technologies is the world's largest manufacturer of regulator solutions for industrial process and natural gas applications. They are so reliable, most customers forget they are installed in their plants!

From regulators that handle high-pressure flows to cryogenic applications, you can trust that our resources, engineering expertise, industry experience, and dedication to quality ensure you maximum dependability. Just set it and forget it.

Our regulator product families include:

  • High-temperature steam and cryogenic regulators
  • Tank blanketing and vapor recovery / Vacuum regulators
  • Differential control and back pressure
  • Relief regulators
  • Instrument supply and filter regulators
  • High-pressure transmission and fixed factor (PFM) regulators
  • Commercial service and pressure-loaded regulators
  • Environmentally friendly "no bleed" solutions and slam shut devices

Spartan Controls is the most comprehensive regulator supplier in western Canada. In fact, all of the top ten oil and gas producers in Canada use Fisher Regulators. Whether you need an emergency replacement or are working on a long-range plan for growth and expansion, our technical sales team will respond quickly and professionally to your inquiries.

For more information on Fisher regulators visit Fisher Regulators or browse Spartan’s product library using the Support tab above.

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