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AMS Suite:  Asset Portal Delivers Enterprise-Wide Diagnostics

  • Overview

AMS Asset Portal makes predictive diagnostics more relevant.  In a single web dashboard, you securely collect, consolidate, and distribute valuable real-time asset information for the assets in the entire plant or multiple plants. 

Use key performance indicators on the health of your entire enterprise to give plant personnel the information they need to run your facility optimally.

  • Graphical turbine / machine display with bar charts
  • Event / alarm log
  • Trending of vibration and process parameters
  • Notification (email, text message)
  • Local cabinet graphical display
  • Touch screen support

With the open architecture, you can integrate information to and from existing applications and systems such as existing:

  • ModBus-compliant protection systems
  • ModBus or OPC-compliant process control systems
  • OPC or SQL-compatible historians

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