Would you like to save money on your next project? I/O on Demand

June 14, 2010

DeltaV logoWhat if the nature of any single I/O channel could be changed at will, at any time during a project? What if a new pair of wires needed only a place to land and could be digitally bound to any controller in the system? What if all marshalling cabinets and junction boxes were of a "standard" design and need not be engineered beyond knowing an approximate total I/O count?

Electronic marshalling does all these things. As a result, it effectively removes I/O from the critical path of many projects—decoupling process design from I/O architecture decisions, as well as eliminating the rework costs and project delays that were once the inevitable consequence of late-stage design modifications.

"The new I/O on Demand capability of Emerson's DeltaV S-series allows users to add or change I/O types whenever they make project design changes, no matter where the I/O is located," notes Larry O'Brien, analyst for the ARC Advisory Group. "This reduces project costs and, even more important, reduces time to startup."

Don’t forget - you can estimate your project savings using Emerson's calculator.