Environmental Solutions

As part of their ongoing commitment to environmental stewardship, many of our customers are making concerted efforts to minimize the physical footprint, emissions and power consumption of their various operations. Spartan’s environmental solutions can solve a variety of common issues that our customers experience in their day-to-day operations in an environmentally sustainable way. In cases where no solution exists, Spartan collaborates with our principals to develop an environmentally conscious solution to your process control application. Spartan’s Valve Automation team is comprised of highly trained and experienced valve and actuator professionals who are each subject matter experts in the industries they serve. In addition, our team works closely with factory engineers to ensure we find the right solution to your problem.


A customer was building a large oil pipeline through a remote area with no existing electrical service in the region and needed to install a large mainline isolation gate valve. Although several actuation methods were available, all would have had a large environmental impact on the region, in addition to being extremely expensive. 


Spartan’s valve automation specialists engaged with both the customer and the factory to examine if any other methods existed to address the customer’s unique application. Our collaboration resulted in a novel solution to the problem: a multi-turn gate valve actuator that is powered by compressed nitrogen. This solution minimized the physical footprint, eliminated any greenhouse gas emissions and was less than half the cost of any of the other solutions considered.