Energy Management

Effective management of energy, emissions and environmental performance is key to driving costs down and meeting regulatory compliance requirements. Spartan provides energy management consulting and application expertise to address the most challenging problems in the industry. Spartan’s multi -fuel boiler or steam generator control and optimization programs can help you realize 10-15% increased steam from waste/ biomass fuel, 1-3% thermal efficiency improvement, carbon footprint reduction and improved environmental constraint handling. Steam header control deliver coordinated management of all steam generators and balancing of steam demand, resulting in reliability and on-site electrical generation increases of 10-20%. Utility energy management solutions manage overall utilities to decrease total costs by 1-3%, coordinate energy supply and demand to the most economic state and precisely track energy usage, immediately identifying unusual waste.


In order to improve the reliability and to decrease energy costs of the steam supply to plant operations, a large industrial facility needed to stabilize steam header pressures, improve boiler operations and maximize its electrical generation.


Spartan supplied new instrumentation and advanced applications in the DeltaV control systems. This produced a 10% reduction in natural gas usage, lowering annual CO2 emissions by 30% and saving our customer $2.8 million per year.