With the demographics of an aging and limited workforce, industrial facilities are faced with the challenge of creating highly skilled operators and technical personnel to meet their production goals. Companies need quality training while maintaining budget, schedule and production requirements. Working with a Spartan education specialist, a unique learning program and schedule is designed specifically for each customer’s needs and site requirements. Spartan provides the training needed through regional centres, e-learning, virtual classrooms or on site depending upon the needs of the customer. We ensure the right curriculum is designed for you, the customer, based upon the experience level of your staff and the certifications required. Spartan Controls has effectively trained 20,000 customers over the past 17 years. Our Emerson-certified facilities include state-of-the-art classrooms and equipment in all of our locations. Spartan’s Education Services team, with its four full-time instructors, can meet training requirements where and when they are needed.


Our customer, an Alberta EPC, had eight junior employees who needed application expertise before a large project could be engineered. 


By creating a customized, hands-on training course, Spartan was able to impart advanced knowledge to these employees before the start of the project. Specification time was reduced, saving our customer $25,000 in billable hours.