Cla-Val 98-06

Smart pressure management is one of the most important concepts that can be applied to a water system to avoid background leakage, pipe breaks and to save water.

The key is to have just enough pressure in your water distribution system to meet the needs of your customer – too little pressure renders a system incapable of supplying all areas and compromises water quality. In the worst-case scenario, not having enough pressure hampers the ability to deliver adequate flow for firefighting. Too much pressure, and you get costly and unnecessary leakage. Any efforts which result in the reduction of water pressure for even part of the day will reduce the leakage to some extent.

Typically, as demand is reduced at night due to industry shutting down and people sleeping, the pressure in your system climbs, increasing the risk of a pipe bursting. To manage this increase in pressure, you must bring down your overall system pressure as demand begins to slow. When the population awakens and industry starts up again, you will then want to apply higher pressures to your system to ensure delivery to all corners.

The Cla-val Model 98-06 Water Saving Valve is a highly differentiated pressure reducing valve that uses two downstream set points to achieve optimum system pressure; i.e. the capability of delivering only the pressure that is needed to meet current demand. A high pressure set point is selected for high flow demand and a low pressure set point is selected for low flow demand. This dual set point arrangement allows for reduction in water consumptions, as well as unintentional water loss by keeping system piping from being over-pressurized during periods of low demand.