Pratt Ballcentric Plug Valve

The Pratt Ballcentric Plug Valve features a round-port line of sight design which provides numerous benefits over traditional rectangular port valves including; an efficient economical flow path which consumes less pressure drop across the valve, the ability to pass larger solids as required in the most demanding municipal and water handling services, and offer less resistance to slurry and sludge erosion resulting in an extended service life.

In most instances the pressure drop across the Ballcentric valve is negligible at less than a quarter of that across a rectangular port valve.

Available in sizes ranging form ½”-36”, plug coatings available include Buna, Neoprene and EPDM, with Glass, Rubber and Neoprene linings available as required.  Performance features of the design such as a welded in nickel seat, coated plug, self-lubricating bearings and self-adjusting stem seal ensure performance and longevity.  Valves are suitable for direct nut, handwheel, pneumatic/ hydraulic cylinder, electric motor or buried service actuation, and comply with ASTM, ANSI and AWWA C504 design standards.



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