Wastewater Conveyance

The reliable operation of a wastewater collection system is key to ensuring the wastewater from homes and industries makes its way to the Wastewater Treatment Plant to be properly cleaned. 

Broken lines, grease, tree roots, and other debris in the wastewater can lead to blockages in the pipes, causing a disruption to your water conveyance system and in some cases leading to damage to homeowners’ property and safety risks.

Spartan Controls is your one-stop-shop to fully equip lift stations with process equipment including plug valves, check valves, air valves, pressure transmitters, level transmitters, and magnetic flow meters. Our reliable, high-quality products will ensure the consistent operation of your wastewater conveyance system. Additionally, with the highest flow rate (Cv) on the market, our Pratt plug valves will decrease the chance of blockages and require less energy to move flow, reducing your operating costs.