Overpressure Protection

Refineries are challenged with running smoothly and safely. Should an unforeseen upset in a process arise and result in an overpressure scenario, it is imperative that the relief valves will operate when all else fails. 

With over half a century of proven performance, Farris Engineering along with Spartan Controls, has the right pressure relief valve for your most demanding applications. Backed by high quality manufacturing plants in the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, and China, Farris has earned their reputation as “the first line of safety”. Additionally, having Farris Authorized Service Teams (FAST Centers) located throughout the world and one in Edmonton AB, you can be confident that you have local service and support knowledge when, and wherever you need it. 

Using the highest quality materials and decades of design refinement El-O-Matic™ actuators reliably and efficiently operate quarter-turn mechanisms. Extreme temperature and high cycle applications pose no problem for the robust design of El-O-Matic™ actuators.
EIM manufactures dependable electric, high pressure/low pressure fluid powered and manual valve actuators to meet all industry needs.
Isolation Valves-Ball Valves-Perar-ball valve
Perar S.p.A. has been manufacturing high quality ball valves in Italy since 1962 and was one of the first in the market to do so. The ball valve product range includes both soft and metal seating, and floating and trunnion design in all common metallurgies and exotic alloys from ½”-68”.
The Fisher® Z500 is the first Fisher® severe service engineered on/off ball valve and is ideally suited for applications in the power, steam, mining, and coking industries. 
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TopWorx is a global leader in valve monitoring and position sensing for all process industries.
Spartan represents Protego, which offers a comprehensive line of flame arresters, valves and tank accessories that are tailored to meet market demands.