Steam Header Management

Managing the industrial powerhouse to minimize the costs of electricity and steam requires constant attention and a great deal of information management. Typically, significant manual intervention occurs as operations personnel are continuously multi-tasking and making critical process control decisions. Spartan's Steam Header & Energy Management optimization system is used to stabilize steam header operations & reduce the total cost of energy in a mill by automating critical decision making and process adjustment. The Steam Header system automatically coordinates all boilers, PRVs, Steam Turbines and vents in a prioritized manner to stabilize steam headers during upsets and maintains a proper thermodynamic balance. 

The Energy Management System (EMS) then optimizes energy costs and generation by employing facility-specific models and rule sets to continually determine the optimum setpoints for all powerhouse process units. Spartan implemented a Steam Header and Energy Management System (EMS) at a pulp mill in British Columbia. Steam header variability was reduced and upsets were handled more consistently leading to fewer boiler trips. Further, electrical generation was maximized resulting in an average 2 MW increase in power production. This resulted in annual production benefit of over 2,000,000/year.

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