Steam Header Isolation

The purpose of an isolation valve is to provide tight shutoff and isolate one unit or pipe section from another. The valve may be used as a lockout during maintenance, or to isolate a steam vent during normal operation. Often a steam isolation valve that does not provide adequate shutoff poses a safety risk for workers performing downstream maintenance. In venting applications, seat leakage is wasted energy and expense. Stem packing leaks can also waste steam and pose a safety hazard.
Zwick triple offset butterfly valves offer bubble tight shutoff in a metal seated design. The conical metal seat and self-centering disc ensure that shutoff remains bubble tight regardless of high or fluctuating temperature. With its high seating angle and rotary shaft packing design, shutoff and packing performance is maintained for the long term, unlike other valve types such as wedge gates. Zwick triple offset valves are a safe and reliable choice for steam isolation applications.
Zwick is a leading manufacturer of valves that meet the highest requirements and quality standards. Designed, engineered, and manufactured in Germany for over 30 years, all Zwick valves are state-of-the-art and customizable to sizes greater than 88” to meet all your critical service requirements.