Pulp and Paper mills use superheated steam for mechanical work such as steam turbines that drive generators and other types of drives and also for heating various process units. For efficient heat transfer steam close to saturation temperature is required. Desuperheaters are used to cool the superheated steam to the desired temperature. Desuperheaters are often applied incorrectly causing poor temperature control, high process variability, increased steam usage and frequent fouling of evaporators and heat exchangers.

Fisher’s Desuperheaters are used to inject controlled amounts of cooling water into a superheated steam flow to reduce or control steam temperature providing improved heat transfer and reducing temperature variability and maintenance costs.
Desuperheater - Fisher TBX-T
The Fisher DMA series of insertion type desuperheaters are designed for accurate temperature control and easy maintenance (removable and replaceable nozzles) for steam desuperheating applications in the power and process industries.