Power and Recovery

Power and Recovery boilers produce steam and energy by reducing black liquor to a molten smelt in order to reclaim spent chemicals in the pulping process. The power boiler typically burns hog fuel to produce steam that can be used to heat the process or generate electricity in a turbine driven generator. The power produced can be used in the mill or exported to the electricity grid.  Working with chemicals with high percent solids, high steam pressures and temperatures, large pressure drops and meeting environmental regulations for clean combustion are challenges for mill operators.

Spartan’s solutions improve efficiency of the Power and Recovery area with accurate measurements of Black Liquor flow and percentage solids, boiler feedwater level, mass steam flow, stack gas analysis and Advanced Control Strategies for Boiler Control. Improving the energy efficiency of the steam system with desuperheaters, steam trap monitoring, mass flow measurement and advanced steam header controls hold significant potential for reducing energy consumption in a mill.