The Pulp Machine is the final step in the process of producing the specified end product in a Pulp Mill. The pulp slurry is drained on the “wire” to create a continuous pulp web and the wet web passes through a press section to squeeze out excess water before finally passing through a heated drying section. Effective operation of the pulp machine can be extremely difficult as there are many critical loops on a pulp machine that require accurate and reliable measurement and control. Basis weight, moisture content, stock flow, head box level, vacuum and dryer temperature can result in the end product to be off specification or lead to a sheet break and lost production.
Spartan Controls supplies high performance Fisher Control Valves, Rosemount measurement instrumentation, advanced control systems and solutions for Pulp and Paper machines. Specialized basis weight control valves, high performance butterfly valves for vacuum control, high signal thick stock magnetic flow meters and advanced solutions machine control have contributed to effective operation of Western Canada’s Pulp and Paper machines.