Combustion Turbine Controls

Spartan has the capability to retrofit turbines from leading manufacturers, including Westinghouse, ABB, General Electric, Siemens, Alstom (ABB), Pratt and Whitney, Rolls-Royce, and many others. Our combustion turbine controls solution offer you many advantages, including a clear, concise view of key turbine parameters, various protection schemes, and seamless and full coordinated turbine control.

A broad range of subsystems such as process control, data retrieval, general-purpose computation and man-machine interface are used to create our turbine controls and can be linked together by the powerful Ovation Network. Specialized I/O modules for speed detection and valve position provide additional protection against turbine failures and compatible ovation building blocks allow for flexible combination of various components and subsystems to match specific plant configurations. 

The Ovation™ distributed control system was designed from the ground up to help commercial Power Generation and Water & Wastewater facilities achieve operational excellence and create a sustainable competitive advantage.