Boiler Drum Level Indication

Damage to the steam drum, the boiler and the turbine can result from inaccurate drum level control. If the drum level falls below set-point there is a risk of the boiler running dry, while if the level is higher than set-point, there is a risk that wet steam could carry over to the turbine, causing damage to the turbine blades. 

Challenges with continual boiler water level measurement include high pressure and temperatures; changing steam dielectric and water density as a result of pressure and temperature changes; a small control range; and a redundant level measurement requirement.

Spartan Controls assists in overcoming these process challenges and helps to meet redundant measurement requirements with the Rosemount 5300 GWR with high temperature, high pressure seal and Dynamic Vapor Compensation prove paired with the Rosemount 3051S differential pressure transmitter.

Additionally, a visual indication of drum level in the field is an important safety check. A separate indication of actual boiler level provides additional protection against low water level, which can be accomplished with the Mobrey Hydrastep 2468, creating an overall triple-layered safety solution. 

The Mobrey Hydrastep Electronic Gauging System is the ideal "fit and forget" solution to overcome the problems associated with unreliable, maintenance intensive gauge glasses. Designed for totally reliable operation, Hydrastep is both fail-safe and fault tolerant.