Public Address and General Alarm Systems

Audio and visual warning signals are designed to protect your employees and contractors by alerting them to emergency situations or other conditions that require their attention. Ensuring that signals are seen, heard and understood are key to the safety of plant personnel and assets. 

Federal Signals audible signaling equipment, supplied by Spartan, provides unfailing performance of critical signaling systems in the harshest environments. These signals feature state-of-the-art surface mounted printed circuit boards, long-lift incandescent strobe and LED lamps, and superior optics that maximize light dispersion. Spartan’s packaged signaling solutions provide an easy to mount and wire package that reduces time required for installing in the field and provides a rugged and high quality/high visibility package for your warning signals. 

Specifically developed for the stringent requirements of the offshore oil and gas markets, PAGASYS is ideally suited for offshore platforms, land-based petrochemical plants, military, and applications requiring the highest degree of reliability and functionality. Stand-alone or fully duplicated failsafe systems can be customized to meet the specific requirements of the application.