Overpressure Protection

Large storage tanks can change volume, level and pressure very quickly as the fluids are pumped and as weather changes causing expansion and contraction. The ability to protect the assets with low pressure or vacuum settings without releasing gas or liquids to the atmosphere is essential to safe operations.

Farris Pressure Management (FPM), a division of Spartan Controls, provides overpressure protection solutions and supports Protego products with local inventory, factory support, repair services, and application expertise. A combination of pressure vacuum relief, emergency relief valves and flame arrestors will protect your assets, safely and efficiently.

Protego Pressure and Vacuum Relief Valves can be equipped with a weight loaded or spring loaded pallet design. Equipped with a unique 10% overpressure pallet design, these vents can achieve full-lift within 10% of the required set pressure.

Protego flame arresters are devices whose primary function is to allow flow of a flammable vapor while preventing the transmission of flame into the main system. Protego has developed equipment to prevent flash through in the deflagration and detonation zone. Protego Flame arresters offer reliable protection in plant systems and are state-of-the-art as a result of continuous research and development.
Buckling Pin technology offers an accurate and reliable means of calibrating pressure relief devices. Ideal for high volume applications where reduced downtime is required, these are suitable for inline pressure or vacuum relief where the BPRV system can be reset within minutes without breaking flanges.

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