Compression and Turbine Stations

The movement of large volumes of gas requires the installation of compression to increase pressure by reducing volume. They may come in the form of a turbine, reciprocating or screw and be driven by an electric drive or combustion engine. Liquids may be eliminated or carried along with the gas to the final destination for processing. Throughout the plants and from the well head waste gas is often released or flared as volumes and processes limit the options. Technology allows this traditionally wasted gas to be utilized in the combustion engine, creating HP and reducing waste

Spartan's provides large compressors controlled from a local control room with Emerson’s DCS, DeltaV, stand-alone compressor utilizing PLC or Murphy’s specialized equipment, or using the latest “green” solution RemVue with SlipStream, they can all be customized to meet your specific needs and built locally at Spartech Manufacturing.