Severe Service Electric Actuation

The switching valves used to control the flow to coking towers are regularly subjected to extremely high heat (80C ambient temperature) and extremely high vibration. Electric actuators are often used in these applications to actuate the valves rather than pneumatic/hydraulic/electraulic actuators, but most models will experience high rates of failures due to the heat and vibration. Spartan’s severe service electric actuator solution has proven itself in the most challenging customer applications in the Oil Sands of Alberta.

One large end user who applied this solution on the drain valves in their coker plant saw actuator issues reduced from over 75 instances per year to 0. This remarkable improvement in reliability contributed to record setting plant uptime and record setting throughput, and also resulted in over $3.5 million dollars in lost production avoidance.

EIM's M2CP modular control package has been specifically designed to provide users a highly flexible, reliable, and competitively priced control system for electric valve automation. Through its unique design concept, servicing and upgrading can easily be accommodated. The entire package or any of its components can be removed and replaced in minutes.