Coker Feed Flow Control

Switching valves used to control flow to coking towers are regularly subjected to extremely high temperatures and vibration. Electric actuators are often used in these applications to actuate valves rather than pneumatic or hydraulic actuators, however most models will experience high rates of failures due to the heat and vibration. Improving the reliability of the coker switching valve actuators decreases operations costs and improves safety.

The Fisher V500 rotary eccentric plug valve is designed for process applications, built tough for control, and intended for performance-demanding situations. Known for its ability to fight off the effects of hard-to-handle fluids with its rugged components and application versatility. In addition to providing sufficient capacity to deliver the high flow rate, the V500 features a flow passage that directs the erosive fluid away from the critical trim components. The rugged design of the V500 made it an ideal and cost-effective solution for this erosive application

The Fisher V500 eccentric plug rotary control valve controls erosive, coking and other hard-to-handle fluids, providing either throttling or on-off operation. The flanged and flangeless valves feature streamlined flow passages, rugged metal trim components and a self-centering seat ring.