Feedwater Flow Measurement

Corrosion and deposition stemming from poor water chemistry can result in premature maintenance and downtime of the boiler system. By maintaining the boiler feed water within a very narrow range of pH, Spartan can extend the life of the boiler and its associated components. Additionally, high pressure boilers require monitoring of the return condensate to ensure that Total Dissolved Solids (TDS) contamination remains within acceptable limits.

One challenge when measuring pH in high purity water is the formation of junction potentials in the reference sensor. The Rosemount 3200 HP sensor, supplied by Spartan, addresses this issue by using a flowing liquid junction.

The challenge when measuring TDS via conductivity measurement is that ‘the bad stuff’ (chloride/sulphates/CO2/O2) and the ‘good stuff’ (water treatment chemicals) both contribute to overall conductivity. The solution is to separate out ‘the good stuff’ and measure conductivity of ‘the bad stuff’ to accurately monitor and maintain TDS within acceptable limits. Accurate conductivity measurement to infer TDS is accomplished with a Rosemount 1056 Dual Input Intelligent Analyzer in conjunction with two model 404 Flow-Through Contacting Conductivity Sensors mounted around a Model CH16D/DE cation column.