Cell production control

The Primary Separation Cell separates bitumen froth from the solids and water that make up slurry.  Many operators utilize the interface between the bitumen and the water or solids to control the production input/output of the cell. Reliable measurement is difficult due to rag layers between the bitumen and the water or solids Rag layers are comprised of varying densities and bitumen/water/solids/air contents which make it very difficult to distinguish an accurate interface measurement. This difficulty in measuring an accurate interface makes it increasingly difficult to run the process in closed loop control with any level of accuracy and consistency.

Rosemount 5300 level transmitter
The Rosemount 5600 Series is an intelligent 4-wire, non-contacting radar level transmitter. Its high performance microprocessor allows for advanced signal processing and smart echo-tracking features. Together with its high sensitivity the radar transmitter can detect and evaluate all echoes within the tank or vessel. The 5600 Series supports and assists the user to a successful configuration of the transmitter in process level applications, from easy to complex process situations.