Oil Sands

Canada boasts the world’s third largest oil reserves with the vast majority located in the oil sands of northern Alberta. According to Natural Resources Canada’s 2013 Oil Sands Fact Sheet, “the oil sands comprise more than 98 percent of Canada’s 173 billion barrels of proven oil reserves…While 8 billion barrels of oil sands crude oil have been produced to date, this represents only a small portion of the overall resource”.

Since the first mining of an Athabascan oil sands mine in 1967, Spartan has played an integral role in the advancement of mining technology, developing innovative and customized solutions to meet the evolving needs of the oil sands industry, including the mitigation of environmental impact. Engaging the expertise of Spartan creates a partner in your success. Reliability in the reassurance of products and processes compliant with evolving regulatory changes, and access to solutions that address production and labour cost achieves the operational excellence and efficiency sought by Spartan’s customers.