Overpressure Protection

Pressure safety valves (PSV) on a separator vessel prevents overpressure. Separators can have very high pressures and without overpressure protection this could cause extensive damage and very dangerous situations for the environment and your workers at the facility, in addition to high capital costs.

Spartan provides the proper technologies and years of experience around separator vessel overpressure protection. Our Edmonton, Alberta facility is part of the Farris Authorized Service Team worldwide network and provides around-the-clock access to North America's largest relief valve and parts inventory. Farris Pressure Management also provides a mobile service capability to test PSV’s on site. This service reduces downtime and helps ensure your turnaround schedule is met.

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With over half a century of proven performance, Farris Engineering has the right pressure relief valve for your most demanding applications.
The MR95 Series regulators are compact, large-capacity, direct-operated pressure regulators. The units are available in ¼ NPT through 2-inch/DN 50 sizes and are offered in several different end connection configurations. They are designed to handle pressures up to 1000 psig/68.9 bar and temperatures up to 343C.
The MR98 Series is used for backpressure or relief applications in liquid, gas, air and steam service. The types MR98L, MR98H and MR98HH are direct-operated and spring-loaded. The types MR98LD, MR98HD and MR98HHD use additional pressure loading to maintain relief differential pressures, backpressures or for remote set-point adjustment.
Farris Pressure Management, Spartan Controls’ overpressure protection division, supports BS&B products with applications expertise and factory support to ensure customer’s problems can be solved properly and on time, every time. BS&B has a wide range of rupture disks suited to meet your needs: