Liquefied Natural Gas Processing

As the demand for energy and Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) increases worldwide to fuel economic growth suppliers of LNG face many challenges getting to first liquids, meeting local codes and regulations, maintaining and improving reliability and accessing qualified human resources for everything from engineering to plant operation. Automating a LNG terminal involves people, experience and integration of field instrumentation, accurate measurement, custody transfer, analytics, safety, security, training, process control, asset management and business systems.

Project implementation involves complex human, management and economic interactions. An experienced multi-disciplinary automation contractor such as Spartan Controls and Emerson can play a key role in design, implementation planning and project execution.  Leveraging a main automation contractor who has a complete understanding of the process and the capability to integrate the automation infrastructure with the IT operations and business processes prepares the asset for strong economic return. The LNG industry trusts our portfolio of technology and services to automate and control the world’s largest LNG facility in Qatar and the the world’s largest floating LNG vessels.