Injection/Production Control

Solution mining involves remote wellpad injection of heated brine to extract potash from the underground ore bodies. The resulting potash rich brine is pumped to the surface ponds where the potash is extracted. The corrosive nature of this fluid is detrimental to a standard valve and solution mines do not have air compressors installed in minefield cluster buildings for pneumatic actuation. 

Spartan Controls provides solution mine facilities with Fisher Controls’ Stainless Steel Globe Valve with linear electric actuator, providing excellent process control without the need for pneumatic actuation. Additionally, the high alloy body of the Fisher valve will provides protection and long life in harsh brine environments.

The V150S utilizes reverse flow design to direct flow away from the valve body. The downstream portion of the valve has been extended so that the valve itself will be exposed to the region of highest flow velocity, instead of the downstream piping.

EIM manufactures dependable electric, high pressure/low pressure fluid powered and manual valve actuators to meet all industry needs. Its intelligent design maximizes design modularity and eases service requirements.

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