Wireless Pond Temperature Profiling

Spartan Controls provides solution mine facilities with Fisher Controls’ Stainless Steel Globe Valve with linear electric actuator, providing excellent process control without the need for pneumatic actuation. Additionally, the high alloy body of the Fisher valve will provides protection and long life in harsh brine environments.

By utilizing Spartan’s Rosemount Wireless SST temperature transmitters mounted onto movable docks, portable temperature measurement on potash ponds is possible. This special technology gives operators increased visibility into the potash ponds based on wireless pond temperature measurement, resulting in increased potash production. 

The industry-leading Rosemount 648 Wireless Temperature Transmitter delivers unmatched field reliability and performance as a wireless measurement solution.  The 648 Wireless is ideal for high performance applications, helping you achieve optimal efficiency with Best-in-Class product specifications and capabilities. 
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