Solution Mining

Accurate measurements and control in solution mining are key in order to maximize production, while reducing operation costs. 

Spartan Controls has proven, unique control valve and measurement instrumentation for solution mining injection pads that can best handle the challenges of high temperature and high pressure brine. We understand the importance of accurate continuous density measurement and have developed Smart Wireless temperature profiling solutions for evaporation ponds and wireless control of dredges to allow you to maximize production. Additionally, the utilization of Spartan’s best-in-class potash solution mining automation instrumentation, control systems and machinery health solutions maximize potash extraction from ore body and evaporation ponds. 

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Solution mining involves the injection of heated brine (a salt and water solution) to extract potash from the underground ore bodies. The resulting potash-rich brine is pumped to surface ponds or crystalizers where the potash is extracted. (Source: PotashCorp

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