Corrosive Environment Flow Measurement

Potash plants are known for their corrosive environment which constantly exposes field instrumentation to process spills, salt mists, wash-downs, brine splashing, and more. This hostile environment often leads to premature failure of field equipment. 

To help extend the life of flow measurement technologies, Spartan offers magnetic flowtubes made entirely of 316 stainless steel. This construction, paired with our “mag in the box” solution stands up significantly better in the potash plant environment and provides extended service live.

The 316 stainless steel flow tubes are available in 1” – 12” sizes. Full-feature diagnostics that are available in our standard flowmeter assemblies are also available with the stainless steel version. 

The Rosemount 8705 flanged sensors are fabricated from stainless and carbon steel and welded to provide a hermetic seal that protects against moisture and other contaminants. 
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