Smart Meter Verification

Ore receiving requires high availability of inline mass flow and density meters, but downtime to remove meters for verification reduces availability and introduces health and safety risks to plant personnel. 

Emerson’s Smart Meter Verification, provided by Spartan, is an easy-to-use, automatic diagnostic tool that checks the entire coriolis meter’s performance and integrity without have to stop your process flow. When combined with a digital control network or Emerson’s Smart Wireless products, the need to go into the field is greatly reduced or even eliminated.

Reduce costs for calibration verifications, maximize availability and improve health and safety through the utilization of Spartan’s Smart Meter Verification solution. 

Coriolis products are commonly used for flow and density measurements in applications such as crude oil, pipeline custody transfer, truck loading/unloading, and more. Spartan Controls represents Micro Motion, which provides industry leading accuracy and reliability even in the toughest process conditions. Micro Motion meters are the highest performing coriolis flow and density measurement devices available today.

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