Brine Distribution Control

Potash plants are known for their tough applications, which can cause problems such as seized valves on brine distribution lines and poor overall plant control. 

Spartan offers the largest product breadth of on/off knife gate valves in the industry which are designed to meet the harsh demands of potash slurry applications. By incorporating an uretheane liner, Spartan’s knife gate valves offer excellent corrosive and abrasion resistance and feature a triple scraper design that resists buildup of potash brine in the chest area of the valve, eliminating valve seizure.

Eliminate problems caused by seized valves and increase your overall plant control with Spartan’s brine distribution control solutions. 

ITT has a full line of valves including knife gates, diaphragm valves, lined ball valves, and burner shutoff valves to meet the demands of many services where other valves have failed.

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