Dryer Guide Automation

Potash Environments are known for their tough applications and corrosive environments which can cause problems to machinery that is exposed to potash and daily plant wash downs. 

Spartan Controls provides actuators that are not exposed to potash and can withstand the typical daily wash downs of the plant. These actuators provide strength, control, and strong reliable torque to guide vanes on an air dryer, helping to control the drying of product.

Adjust damper angles locally, remotely or even manually with continuous feedback and monitoring with Spartan’s Dryer Guide Automation solution. 

EIM's M2CP modular control package has been specifically designed to provide users a highly flexible, reliable, and competitively priced control system for electric valve automation. Through its unique design concept, servicing and upgrading can easily be accommodated. The entire package or any of its components can be removed and replaced in minutes. 

The TEC2000 series can handle both quarter-turn and multi-turn applications across an extremely broad torque range—using either three-phase or single-phase power. 

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