Product Moisture Content

Accurate moisture measurement is key in mining production to avoid excess energy costs and to ensure the final product meets specifications. 

The Berthold moisture analyzers, supplied by Spartan, are used to measure the moisture in bulk materials online while the process is ongoing, providing rapid and precise real-time information on water content. The measurement is carried out through a non-contacting process, which lays the foundation for a long-term operation, free of wear and maintenance.

The microwave transmission and radiometric technology allow for the most accurate analysis, even for the most challenging measurement tasks. 

Micro-Polar is the latest online moisture analyzer, using state-of-the-art microwave transmission technology. The measurement is carried out non-contacting, either on a conveyor belt or chute.

The moisture measurement system LB 350 is primarily used for applications which can’t be solved with conventional sensor technologies due to conductivity or particular chemical properties of the material being measured.

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