Mill Process Control

Mining environments are known for the corrosive nature of the site and the environment that surrounds them. Electrical components are continually subjects to corrosive humidity and general moisture concerns when mounted in the general plant area. 

Emerson's DetlaV CHARMS, supplied by Spartan, are rated for ISA SA-S71.04-1985 Airborne Contaminants Class G3 Environments and contain dual installed cabinets with sloped tops to allow for the best in field automation solutions.

Reduce the occurrence of premature failure to electrical components caused by humidity and corrosive air, protect fragile field equipment, prevent corrosive potash buildup, gain more effective protection for application equipment, and more with Spartan’s Mill Process Control solution. 

The DeltaV system’s Electronic Marshalling delivers the flexibility to add I/O anywhere in the plant without affecting the control room cabinets. No re-design, no re-wiring. 
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