Farris Safety Relief Valve Maintenance

8am to 4:30pm / 2 Days
$900 (Prices subject to change)

This 2 day course uses lectures and examples to explain the correct procedure for Farris valve maintenance.

  •  Valve nomenclature and definitions
  •  ASME code requirements
  •  Pressure-level relationship
  •  Valve maintenance
  •  Valve disassembly and inspection
  •  Test bench technique; air, steam and water
  •  Cold differential testing
  •  Pilot valve testing
  •  Adjustments for blowdown
  •  Ring locations effects
  •  Bench teardown of valves
  •  Parts inspection & critical dimension measurement
  •  Remachining of nozzles
  •  Maintenance problems and remedies
  •  Discussion on "do’s" and "don'ts"
  •  Quiz on safety and safety relief valves


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