REMVue Level 2 Master Technician Training: Module 3

8am to 4:30pm / 2 Days
$1,800 (Prices subject to change)

This 2 day course is part of the new Level II Master Technician Program, which provides attendees with the knowledge to achieve master level proficiency with all aspects of the REMVue®– 500 AFR and MPI Ignition Systems.

Upon completion of the 3 modules of the Level II Master Technician program, a successful student will be able to:

  •  Understand REMVue AFR theory
  •  Display competent AFR screen navigation
  •  Display an understanding of all REMVue AFR settings and be able to configure them appropriate to the application
  •  Understand all AFR hardware and end devices
  •  Understand ignition theory
  •  Understand ignition system components
  •  Understand ignition system configuration
  •  Display configuration and troubleshooting skills on all of the above topics
  •  Ignition fundamentals
  •  Ignition troubleshooting
  •  Flywheel installation and theory
  •  Cam and crank disk
  •  MPI Ignition system configuration
    •  Operations; programming; diagnostics; startup; installation preparation; troubleshooting
  • Recommended Course #R535
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