Selecting the correct valve for isolating your process may seem easy at first glance, but in reality is anything but simple. 

Isolation valves can be used in the control of the process, or as part of a safety system. Safety can include a simple manual block valve, emergency shutdown, double block and bleed, or SIS solutions. Ensuring that the valve is capable of performing as required is critical to your operation and the safety of your people and the environment.

Proper selection starts by considering important criteria such as pressure and temperature ratings, shutoff (classification and direction), process conditions, flow capacity (Cv), pipe connections, manual or automated, required service life, industry standards, system performance, and total cost of ownership. Additionally, there are many different styles of valve such as ball, butterfly, wedge gate, globe, plug, knife gate, pinch, diaphragm, and many more.

Spartan represents several best-in-class manufacturers to offer a wide range of different products serving all major industries in Western Canada. With many options to choose from, we work with you to select the correct valve, not just the one that we represent. 

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