Tank Blanketing

Tank blanketing or padding is the process and practice of covering the surface of a stored liquid commodity such as jet fuel with a gas. If the commodity is volatile or toxic, tank blanketing can prevent it from harming workers, equipment or the environment. 

Blanketing can prevent liquids from vaporizing into the atmosphere and can maintain the tanks vapor space above a flammable or combustible liquid to reduce potential ignition while pumping. It can also make up the volume of liquid displaced in or out of a tank, or make up the volume caused by thermal changes, preventing the creation of a vacuum or excess tank pressure. Vapor recovery systems conversely prevent potential harmful or valuable vapors from escaping into the atmosphere when liquid is pumped into tankage.

Close familiarity to the hydrocarbon liquid pipeline and oil and gas industries in Western Canada has made Spartan keenly aware of the safety, environmental and economic urgencies surrounding fugitive emissions. The vast array of Fisher® tank blanketing and vapor recovery regulators at our disposal provides us with a unique ability to solve these important applications in house and in a timely manner. 

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