Process Gas

Chemical and process plants use pressure control to regulate gases in their various process systems. Devices used to control pressure in these processes must be compatible to prevent complications such as corrosion, unwanted chemical reactions, ignition, or explosions. Additionally, some of these processes operate at very high or very low temperatures. 

Fisher’s® process gas regulators and relief valves are available in materials and constructions that are chemically and physically compatible to these process conditions. In applications ranging from instrument air, to moist carbon dioxide, Fisher® has developed a compatible construction to handle your pressure regulation needs.

Working closely with our Western Canadian customers, Spartan Controls has developed expertise in pressure regulation processes unique to the petrochemical industry. Leveraging this industry based experience with Emerson’s metallurgical and corrosion compatibility, knowledgeable Spartan technical personnel are uniquely enabled to spec and supply an optimal pressure regulator in terms of performance and reliability. 

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