Fisher MR108

The Type MR108 regulators are direct-operated, backpressure, high-capacity, multi-purpose regulators. They are designed to handle pressures up to 400 psig/27.6 bar and temperatures up to 250F/121C. 

This product provides a fast, simple, reliable, and economical backpressure control in multi-purpose applications suitable for different flow media including liquid, air and gas. Applications include lube oil systems and any application where speed of response is critical, minimum differential pressure is a concern, or fluid is not free of impurities.

Type MR108 backpressure regulators with low-pressure actuators can be set up to 35 psig/2.4 bar and the high-pressure actuator version can be set to 150psig/10.3 bar for constructions with Flurocarbon (FKM) diaphragm Nitrile (NBR) diaphragm.

The units are available in four sizes, NPS 1 through 4/ DN 25 through 100 and are available in several end connection configurations to meet demands on application requirements. Additionally, these are available with a quick-opening cage for quick speed of response and high flow capacity. The cage-guided metal plug provides superior control and stability. The Type MR108 with steel or stainless steel body construction has been designed to meet API 614 as required by lube oil manufacturers. 

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