Bettis CB Series

On off actuationBettis® CB –Series pneumatic actuators are ideal for operating ball, butterfly and non-lubricated plug valves, or any quarter-turn (90 degree) rotating mechanism. 

These efficient, low maintenance actuators, with optional controls, provide a reliable method of operating and confirming valve position in fully automated processes. They are available in double-acting and spring-return models.


  • Designed for standard operating temperatures of -20F to 200F (-30C to 95C).
  • Totally enclosed body provides complete protection of all internal moving parts and minimizes the change of injury to operating personnel
  • Scotch-yoke mechanism transforms linear movement of the piston into a 90 degree rotating movement, providing optimum break torque and resulting in an actuator that is simple to maintain and service.
  • Compact and lightweight allowing installation in any position, either parallel or at right angles to the flow line.
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