Hydraulic Actuators

Hydraulic actuators use pressurized hydraulic fluid to cause movement such as opening a ball valve or closing a gate valve to restrict flow. 

Many variations of hydraulic actuation products are available to achieve the desired control requirements for any application. Selecting the correct product starts with the prime mode of force being selected: electric, high pressure gas or manually pumped are the most common. Other considerations are the style of valve to be actuated, available power voltage, fail position, and control strategies.

Sterling Valve & Automation represents several best-in-class manufacturers to offer a wide range of different hydraulic products serving all major industries in Western Canada. Types of hydraulic actuators available are: gas hydraulic systems, self-contained systems, hydraulic scotch-yoke actuators, or electro-hydraulic operators. With many options to choose from, we work with you to select the correct product and our innovative solutions, large local inventory and certified field service technicians will support all of your hydraulic actuation needs. 

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