On-Off Actuation

On off actuationOn - off valves are devices that control the flow of fluid by opening, closing or partially obstructing the flow. These valves are used in a wide variety of applications including Emergency Shutdown (ESD) valves, block valves, modulating valves, and switching valves. 

Successfully procuring a manual valve or an automated valve assembly involves product selection, engineering and execution, all of which are challenging for reasons which are not immediately apparent. Valves must be properly selected based on required materials of construction, lead time, price and various other parameters dependent on the application. Additionally, if the valve is to be automated there needs to be careful consideration of the motive power available, the intended behavior of the valve and actuator as well as the valve’s characteristics and location.

Sterling Valve & Automation, a division of Spartan, has been helping our customers reduce the risks of procuring on/off valves and actuators for over 30 years. Our experienced application engineers and specialists have decades of experience in properly specifying and selecting valves and actuators to fit even the most challenging customer applications. Our experience working with all major valve manufacturers, in addition to our expertise working with the industry leading valve brands that we represent, allows us to quickly and accurately specify the correct equipment needed to suite our customers’ specifications.

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