In 1948 ITT (Fabri Valve) introduced the first knife gate valve in the United States to meet some of the challenges being faced in the pulp and paper industry.  

Since then dozens of products have been developed to handle the difficulties in both ultraclean service such as pharmaceuticals and extremely dirty service such as mining and wastewater.  With two manufacturing locations in the United States, ITT can serve the market quickly with a technical solution whose roots are nearly 70 years old.

Presently the engineered valve division of ITT has a full line of valves including knife gates, diaphragm valves, lined ball valves, and burner shutoff valves to meet the demands of many services where other valves have failed.  The knife gate line alone has nearly 20 product variations designed to handle processes with almost any particle size and slurry concentration such as hydro-transport in the Canadian Oilsands.

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