Pinch Valves

Pinch valves are an important part of isolation and control of difficult slurries and scaling applications. 

Pinch valves contain a flexible rubber sleeve that is mechanically pinched off until the flow across it is stopped. Since the service that these valves are used in is so demanding, the meantime between failure of a pinch that is poorly designed can literally be hours in service.

Careful selection of technology is important, but equal care must be given to not overstate the capabilities of the technology. A selection may seem adequate at first glance, but the maintenance required for a poorly implemented selection can extensive. Proper selection of a pinch valve includes a good understanding of fluid make up (% solids, size of solids, chemical make-up), pressure, differential pressure, and temperature ratings, shutoff, flow capacity (Cv), manual or automated, required service life, system performance, and total cost of ownership. Spartan represents a technology leader in RF Pinch valves and can help you select the proper valve for your application. 

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